6 Tips For Pulling Off A Successful Fundraiser:

Deciding to have a fundraiser is an easy decision; actually carrying out and implementing a successful fundraiser is the hard part. Just like any large event, fundraisers involve a great deal of planning. However with enough effort, any event or fundraiser can be an exciting and rewarding occasion. These six steps will help you craft a fundraiser that will be fulfilling to your cause.

1: Define Your Purpose

Defining your purpose is the most essential part of your planning. Whether your drive is purely on raising money, maybe raising awareness to a cause, or even adding parishioners to your church group. Outlining what your main goal will help you plan the rest of your event.

2: Have A Profit Goal

Having a goal for your fundraising event is important for your cause. It will help your vendors know what you need, and also give them incentive to give if you are close to your goal. Developing a system for a thermometer of such at your event can be beneficial; every time someone gives to the cause, the thermometer goes higher towards the set price. Using this strategy causes excitement and you could even incorporate certain prizes for certain price points.

3: Volunteers

Volunteers are an essential part of any fundraiser, 1-because they carry out the ‘nitty gritty’ of the actual event, and 2-they are giving their free time to your cause. There are many places that you can find them as well. You can contact friends, family members, colleagues, church groups, local high school students, and even girl/boy scout troops. Finding these people can be easy, some high school require seniors to engage in some kind of community service and/or volunteering before they graduate. Posting flyers at those schools can create a line of volunteers to help out and make your event a success. Along the same lines, girl/boy scout groups can receive certain badges for volunteering. The key to finding volunteers is to simply … look!

4: Identify Your Target Market

Deciding who your target market is going to be is crucial to the marketing of your fundraiser. For example, if your target market is going to be older retired men and women, social media might not be the best avenue at gaining interest to your event. However, if your target market is younger people, social media is a great idea. Beyond that, finding out where your target market shops, goes to work, lives, spends their down time is also helpful for getting the word out.

5: Marketing

If you don’t market your event the right way, then there is a possibility that the turnout to your event might not be what you expected it to be. The number of ways you can market an event are endless, some being more beneficial to you. There are fliers, newspaper postings, social media and news stories.

6: Thank-You

Sending a thank you letter, email, or a calling your donors after your event might be the most important part of your whole fundraiser. Sending these personalized ‘thank you’s’ will leave your donor happier than they were when they donated their hard earned money or time to you. This is also a good communicating tool, through this ‘thank you’, you are able to connect with your donor on a personal level and give them the option of subscribing to an email list. This is so they know what their donations are going to, what progress you have been able to accomplish with the money, and any upcoming events that are relevant to that cause. Finally a personalized thank you may even make them more inclined to donate their time or money again.

Article by: ianscampbell