ACH Processing

If your Nonprofit isn’t offering ACH– Why not? It’s a best-practice that is simple, safe and cost-efficient.  At Optimal Giving, we believe that all Nonprofits should offer both credit card and ACH (aka Direct Debit or Electronic Check) as a donation options. ACH avoids costly processing fees because funds are withdrawn directly from your donor’s bank account. Utilizing ACH is considered a “Best-Practice” for any organization with recurring payments. It is simple to implement and can literally cut your processing fees in half.

Offering donors an ACH payment option shows donors that the nonprofit values having multiple options to choose from. The ease and flexibility of ACH payment processing is being realized in the nonprofit industry, which is one reason why online fundraising is continually growing year over year. Offering direct debit as a payment method (especially in an online payment form) is a safe, efficient and cost-effective way to support and enhance online fundraising efforts. Below is an image of some simple but compelling messaging from a large rescue mission that encourages donors to chose Direct Debit.

SD Rescue Mission

chart_revised (1)


Payment Features

>> Safe and secure—it’s how banks transfer money
>> Can be added to existing donation options
>> Can be used on websites, mobile devices and over the phone
>> Credit card fees are eliminated every time it is used
>> Allows for recurring donations
>> No credit card expiration issues
>> Costs less than the price of a postage stamp
>> One small fee for donations of any size, no percentage charged
>> Is easy to set up, implement and optimize