Donor Engagement

Optimal Giving will help your organization reach, engage and activate both new and existing supporters like never before. Whether via text messaging, email, newsletters or blogging, we can help turbo-charge your marketing and communications by putting several dynamic tools into your hands, in one simple, convenient package that help you to engage your audience and increase loyalty.



Marketing Communications

Email, social media, text messaging and newsletters have been proven to be some of the most effective ways in which nonprofits reach and engage their target audience. It also helps ensure long-lasting donor  relationships. The Mission Suite puts every email marketing tool into your hands, providing powerful campaign outreach and impact. It is more than just another system to deliver email newsletters, it’s a full on email marketing platform. The Mission Suite helps manage all communications, schedule emails, assists in segmenting lists, and keeps you in touch with your supporters and volunteers.The Mission Suite offers a full range of pre-built templates so you can be sending your first email within minutes of setting up the platform. Do you need a specialty template, but don’t know HTML? No problem! The Mission Suite makes crafting custom templates fast and easy, so you can tailor your campaign specifically to your needs.


Intelligent CRM

Another valuable facet of The Mission Suite is its advanced Donor Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. CRM is a growing trend of great importance to nonprofit organizations. The Mission Suite helps manage all communications, schedule emails, assists in segmenting lists, and keeps you in touch with your supporters and volunteers. The Mission Suite integrates professional-grade Donor Management and Customer Relationship Management tools into our platform. Our convenient, easy to use tools can assist with all of the minutiae of the day-to-day communications process. Our goal is to make your job easier. The Mission Suite platform handles the heavy-lifting, streamlining your donor management process and assists you in managing and automating your communications so that you can focus on fostering a great relationships with your supporters, and focusing on your mission and cause.



Marketing Automation

Optimal Giving’s  Mission Suite provides a wide-range of automation tools to cater to every organization’s needs. Marketing Automation can free up valuable time for crafting innovative and engaging content. Instead of manually attending to all of the minutiae of the communication process, automation program makes your communication and messaging more effective. Marketing automation also helps to oversee the increasingly complex campaigns that have become the norm. By aggregating email campaigns under the marketing automation umbrella it becomes easier to control and understand how all of these cogs fit together to build a highly-functioning machine. You can utilize marketing automation to focus on specific segments of your email list, custom demographics, or even custom-tailored lists.



Marketing Pricing

With the Mission Suite, pricing is based on the number of contacts that you’re marketing to. All subscription plans include unlimited messages and full use of the Mission Suite’s marketing automation, sales and CRM tools. 50,000+ Your subscription only increases by 0.50 cents/contact ($ 0.005/contact).* “Unlimited” equals 5 times the maximum contacts. Request a demo of the Mission Suite today!

Plan Contacts Included Messages Included Monthly Subscription
The 500 500 Unlimited* $30/Mo
The 2500 5000 Unlimited* $50/Mo
The 5000 10,000 Unlimited* $100/Mo
The 10000 20,000 Unlimited* $150/Mo
The 25000 25,000 Unlimited* $200/Mo
The 50000 50,000 Unlimited* $250/Mo

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