The Statistics on Fundraising Through Social and Mobile Could Surprise You

New information that’s now available shows that fundraising efforts on social media are paying off in a big way especially when aided by the use of mobile devices. Although most nonprofits have been slow to employ full-on, mobile-first communications and fundraising strategies, with numbers making a better case for it, perhaps in the not-so-distant future, they will. It’s not just mobile technologies either. It’s crowdfunding, email fundraising and other individual efforts that are catching on and making a big difference in overall fundraising efforts.

Here is a list of things that stand out:

  1. By using a responsive design, giving nearly doubled on mobile devices. The dollars raised were up by a whopping 126%. Whether a desktop, iPad or smartphone, a responsive design will adapt to the platform visitors are using.
  2. More than 29% of traffic that flowed to donation pages on “Giving Tuesday” came from Facebook.   Moreover, on the same day, December 3, 2014, Twitter users sent 700% more visitors to the donation pages in Canada than on a typical day.
  3. More than half of the people who engage with a nonprofit on social media are likely to do more. Nearly 60% donate money. 53% volunteer followed by 52% who donate clothes, food and some personal belongings. 43% will come to an event and 40% will buy something to help the cause. At least 25% will contact their political representatives and another 15% will organize their own event.
  4. For every 1,000 fundraising emails a nonprofit sends, it will raise an average of $17. The average one-time gift from email fundraising is $57 and for a monthly gift it is $20. 1000 email subscribers can lead to 199 Facebook fans, 110 Twitter followers and 13 mobile subscribers.
  5. Monthly donors will give 42% more in one year ($642) than one-time donors ($52).
  6. 64% of Millennials would prefer to raise money through walk/run/cycling events.
  7. Fundraisers of walk/run/cycling events that send out more than 15 emails will end up raising 76% more than those who don’t send any emails.
  8. The average nonprofit crowdfunding campaign pages with multiple teams raises $9,237.55 compared to $534.49 that individual crowd funding pages raise.
  9. Overall, online giving grew by more than 13.5% in 2013 with the biggest increases benefitting faith based organizations.
  10. 30% of all annual giving happens in December and 10% of that occurs the last
    three days of the year.
  11. Custom donation pages that are inside a nonprofit‘s website will raise 6 times more money than generic donation landing pages.
  12. 69% of the U.S. population gives to charitable causes and of those donations, 64% are made by women.
  13. Social media use by nonprofits keeps growing annually with Facebook up 37% and Twitter up 46%.  On average, nonprofits share of 1.2 updates on Facebook and 5.3 tweets each day.
  14. 30% of all nonprofits are now trying Instagram. 29% are on Pinterest and 28% on YouTube. Rounding out the social media landscape, 27% are on LinkedIn and 24% on Google+.

The numbers really do suggest that fundraising is evolving across the social media landscape in ways that can really ad up for nonprofits. That’s not to say that traditional methods of fundraising no longer has a role, but embracing new technologies and utilizing a variety of options available will only increase opportunities for success and that’s never a bad thing.

Article by: ianscampbell

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